• Arashi Scarves
    (16 items)
  • Belts are arashi shibori on silk chiffon square scarves.  They have a "flower" front closure, secured with hook and eye fastener.  They may be worn in a variety of ways.
    (4 items)
  • Each of these scarves are sewn into a full circle, and can be worn in a number of ways.
    Infinity Scarves
    (9 items)
  • Cocoons are constructed of one length of arashi shibori silk organza (scoured or partially scoured), with sides secured with beads.
    Jackets and Shrugs
    (12 items)
  • Ties are block printed vat dye/discharge on silk habotae.
    (30 items)
  • Tops are made of unscoured or partially scoured silk organza.  Processes include fold and clamp scouring and dyeing, as well as arashi shibori.  They have rolled hem necklines and beaded bottom decoration.  Stretchy to fit most.
    Pull-over Tops
    (8 items)
  • All scarves are of silk or silk/rayon fabrics and created one at a time.
    (45 items)
  • Shawls are large or narrow arashi shibori on scoured silk organza or silk chiffon with beaded decoration.
    (10 items)