Classes for 2020 so far. There may be more. (See all class descriptions at end of page.)

After-school classes for elementary

school students: 2020-21 school year. Students choose which unit(s) they would like and skip the ones they're not so excited about. Fees include supplies. Payment for each unit is due on the first class of each unit offered. Grades 3-5 are welcome. Parents may also join in, if they wish.

Classes begin at 3:00 Wednesdays, at my studio, 314 Wilton St., Greenville, 29609 Pick up at 4:15

Unit 1: Paper Surface Design (includes paste papers and marbling) 5 Weeks Cost: $76.00 per student.

Unit 2: Paper Crafts/Gifts (includes nesting origami boxes, stitched journal, Joomchi storage sling, and another (TBA), 5 Weeks Cost: $76.00 per student

Unit 3: Wearable Art (includes Vat Dye/Discharge Craft Apron, Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf, and Hand-Stitched Shibori T-Shirt) 4 Weeks Cost: $60.00 per student

Unit 4: Printmaking (3-color linoleum reduction block print) 4 Weeks Cost: $58.00 per student

Unit 5: Batik (3 color American style batik plus extra batik project for students who finish early) 6 Weeks Cost: $90.00 per student

Marbling Weekend Class

February 7,8,& 9, 2020

Friday: 6-9, Saturday: 9-5, and Sunday: 2-5

All ages from 3rd grade to adult

Cost: $160, included all materials. This class does not include the copious handouts provided in the "Serious Marbling" class. You may wish to bring a notebook.

Vat Dye/Discharge One Day Class

Two classes available (Classes are identical, but one may attend both if you wish to do more or tackle a larger project.)

Saturday, January 25, 2020: 9-4(ish)

Saturday, February 22, 2020: 9-4(ish)

Age: 14 years and up, please

Cost: $120.00 lunch and all materials included

Shibori for Beginners Weekend Class

March 6, 7, & 8, 2020

Friday: 6-9, Saturday: 9-4, and Sunday: 2-5

Age: 14 years and up, please.

Choose whether you wish to make several finished projects, or experiment with as many techniques as you can squeeze in by making smaller samples. Some simple machine sewing (on your own) may be required.

Cost: $175.00, includes consumable materials

Batik for Beginners Weekend Class

January 10, 11 & 12, 2020

Friday: 6-9 Saturday: 10-12 and after lunch to 4 or 5 Sunday: 2-4 or 5 Please be flexible with times, as some designs will take longer than others to execute.

Age: All ages from 3rd grade to adult

Cost: $100 includes all materials.


Contact Charlie Slate 864 907-9889 or

I teach classes for adults and children, often together. If a class is scheduled I'll post it here. If there's a technique you'd like a class for, tell me what you'd like to learn and suggest a week or weekend and I'll design the class to meet your needs. Then I send an email to my contacts list and enlist some more participants to "make" the class. I'll need a minimum number of participants per class. The number depends on the technique.

Prices vary with the class.

Classes are held in my home studio.

Policies and General Information:
Reserve a class by making a non-refundable 30% deposit. This will be returned to you if a class doesn’t “make.” Make checks to Charlie Slate.

For all classes, wear old, comfortable clothes (and shoes) that you don’t mind getting dye on. Some procedures, such as vat dye, will require partially outside activities.
Some day-long classes include lunch. Vegetarian option will be available.

Slate Studios • 314 Wilton Street • Greenville S.C.
Phone: 864-907-9889 • EMail:

Directions: From 385, take the Stone Ave. exit. Turn right onto Stone Ave, continue to cross over Main St. and drive 2 more blocks to Wilton St. Turn right. Two more blocks takes you to the corner of Wilton and Croft. Turn the corner and park on Croft alongside my house on your right. Come in through the garden gate to the double French door into the studio.

Classes Offered

Classes for Children and/or Adults:

Beginner Classes

Wet Stuff for Primary Kids
2 hours per day for 5 days
paste papers, marbleing, and making things from papers
Age: Kindergarten- 2nd grade Cost: $80.00
Children have fun making designs with “finger paints” and using a variety of tools to make colorful and inventive patterns on wet paper.
Children will manipulate paints floated on a thickened bath to make patterns and free form designs. They will print their designs on paper and even on eggs. We will make several simple items out of the resulting papers.

Batik Beginner Class
5 weekday mornings
Cost: $120, includes materials
Ages: 3rd Grade to Adult
Learn the “American” method of batik. You will create three batiks on cotton muslin fabric. Try a three color batik, another more complex variation, and an under-dye variation.

Vat Dye/Discharge One Day Beginner Class
Age: 14-Adult
Cost: $100, includes materials
Vat Dye/Discharge : Color is discharged (removed) from previously dyed fabric and replaced by new color in a single step. There’s also a “special effect,” a light colored “halo” around the new color areas. Students will learn how to mix discharge paste, and add vat dyes. They will use a variety of objects to print and will also create original printing blocks. Print fabrics and learn the steaming and finishing processes, and take home a completed silk scarf and a cotton piece that could be made into a pillow or framed.

Shibori is the traditional Japanese method of creating dyed patterns on fabric (think 14” wide pieces used to make Kimonos) There are hundreds of variations and combinations. I offer two different types of beginner class (below):
Ages: 4th Grade to Adult
12 hours in 3 sessions,
Cost: $175, including materials

Shibori Techniques Beginner Class:
Learn basic shibori techniques by creating up to 18 small samples. Then use your knowledge to do larger projects on your own. We’ll learn Arashi, Clamped Shibori, and Stitched Shibori methods. Samples could be combined later for a quilt or other project.

Shibori Projects Beginner Class:
Make 3 completed Shibori projects while you learn some basic techniques. This is for students who don’t necessarily need to learn a lot of different techniques, and who would prefer to take home finished pieces.

Five 3-hour sessions with bonus last day project time and picnic lunch.
Age: 3rd Grade to Adult
Cost: $160.00, includes materials
Learn how to create beautiful marbled designs on a variety of surfaces. You will finish this class will lots of marbled papers, a silk scarf, and several marbled paper projects. On the last day of class, we’ll put together a picnic lunch and stay later to work on projects.
Prepare suface(s) for marbling, create marbled patterns, fantasy shapes, overmarbling, marble eggs and fabric.

“Serious” Marbling
5 days: 3 hours per day, plus extra class time and a picnic lunch on the last day
Age: 14 to Adult (no experience necessary)
Cost: $200.00 includes all materials
This class is for anyone who intends to do marbling on your own. Get a folder full of handouts, with chemical recipes, resources list, instructions for drying racks, marbling trays, combs and rakes, and for projects. Do the same activities as the regular class, but with the goal of setting up and continuing at home.

Intermediate Classes (Beginner Class or prior experience)

Shibori Techniques:
5 days: 3 hours per day
Age: 14-Adult
Cost: $175.00, includes materials
Add burn out, silk scouring, and discharge to the techniques learned in the beginner class. And try out variations on the basic techniques. (Still making small samples.)

Shibori Projects:
5 day class, 3 hours per day
Age: 14-Adult
Cost: $175.00, includes materials
Make three more complex projects, adding to your repertoire of shibori skills. May include burn-out, discharge, and/or silk scouring, as well as layering of techniques.

5 days: 3 hours per day
Age: 14-Adult
Cost: $175.00, includes materials
Continue working with the American method of batik, but with more colors and direct dye application. Make more complicated pieces and enhance your skills. Try waxing with the tjanting tool and/or tjap.

Vat Dye Discharge:
Beginner class required
2 or 3 sessions, hours flexible
Cost: $100.00 for chemicals and use of equipment; Bring your own fabrics/scarves/wearables to work with (100% natural fabrics only-no wool. Dyed or printed fabrics need to be dischargable: test with bleach pen. Silks can be ordered from Dharma Trading or Exotic Silks.)
You’ll work on your own for much of the time, assuming that you already know how to do this. Use my equipment and supplies to do whatever projects you like. I’ll help you get started with the underdyes and will be available for instruction/suggestions/assistance as needed. This would be a good opportunity to re-work previous projects that didn’t turn out quite as expected, so bring along anything you want to “fix.”